Visions & Missions



  • Increase the production of 6-APA and Amoxicillin to cover 100% of inside need.
  • Become the first ranked of Macrolide based products in Iran pharmaceutical market.
  • Improving companies’ financial and economic indicators.
  • Reduce environmental risks associated with production.
  • Portfolio development by adding at least 3 new products per year.
  • Increase organization productivity in resource consumption.
  • Maximize shareholder wealth as the long term goal.
  • Supply orphan drugs and vaccine accord R&D capabilities.



  • Production and supply of Penicillin G , Amoxicillin and Macrolide based products in the country according to market demand.
  • Countrys’ independency to foreign sources and become completely independent in different type of Antibiotics production.
  • Maintain and develop the know-how of the Penicillin G , 6APA and Amoxicillin and macrolides production.
  • Supply Covid-19 vaccine
  • Conducting researches in the fields of pharmaceutical, technology and marketing and business to achieve the slogan: “Increasing the level of public health for sustainable development to achieve social justice”.