Photo GalleryPrecautions for use

1- Elderly patients over 65 years old should be monitored for Hypotension and bradycardia.

2- If it is not necessary, not used in pregnant women (since its teratogenic effect has not been approved yet)

3- Its use in children under three years old is under discussion.

Drug group: Macrolides

Because of desirable pharmacology effect of Propofol, It has been considered as one of the newest anesthetic medicine in recent years (since 1980) which administrated by Total I.V. Anesthesia (Tiva). This drug is rapidly metabolized in the liver by conjugation and results glucuronic acid and sulfate. The sedation dose of Propofol determined as 2.5 mg / kg, which reaches its maximum efficacy in 100-190 seconds after injection. The level of sedation is dose dependent and the patient’s age is an important and effective parameter in ED95 value. Its desirable properties include rapid recovery, reduction of nausea and vomiting after surgery, reduction of CSF pressure and intraocular pressure, no inhibition of cortisol activity which results it’s widely used in outpatient surgery nowadays. However, it should be considered that the Propofol solution is a suitable culture medium for microorganisms, so it should be consumed immediately after opening the vial.